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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lymonessa?

  • Botanical bi-products have been used around the world for over 2000 years to repel insects.
  • Lymonessa was first formulated in 1991 and impregnated into plastic picnic table cloths to repel insects during meals.
  • Its original inventor abandoned the product idea in 1999 due to financial burdens and frustrations with EPArequirements.
  • Late in 1999, we discovered this product and began to refine the formula to enhance its effectiveness.
  • In 2000, after testing with NIPCAM, the University of Georgia, EnviroCon Intl. and others, the conclusion was that Lymonessa (bugAWAY!) did indeed have very strong qualities in repelling insects. It is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, plus it has the desirable “All Natural” claim and is also EPAExempt as Safe.
  • Today in 2004, bugAWAY! (Lymonessa) is processing this formula into products such as: Trash Bags, Body Sprays, Table Cloths, Body Wipes and Room Fresheners with many more products and ideas on the table.
  • Patent Pending


The Problem:

  • The Danger of DEET usage is turning consumers off to repellents!
  • West Nile Virus has been in hundreds of articles & television news stories/editorials.
  • The expectation of a major outbreak of West Nile Virus is real and serious.
  • Current products on the market that are non-DEET based (many citronella based) have NOT been proven as effective repellents.
  • The consumer does not have an effective choice to choose from on the current shelves of many retailers.
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