bugaway bags

Why Bugaway?

Many Years of research have gone into the making of an INDUSTRIAL grade plastic bag that is combined with an ALL NATURAL, DEET FREE, insect repellant.  Not only does the ingredients repel insect but also small pests and bacteria (check out our testomonials).  bugAWAY bags are the best all-natural method of reducing bacteria, bugs and pests near trash areas.  The formula we use, which is melted into the plastic, is the #1 selling insect repellent bag on the market.  bugAWAY Bags are ideal for food disposal areas indoors as well as outdoors, recycling and garbage compactors.  Not only do the bugAWAY Bags repel bugs, pests and bacteria they also drastically reduce odors associated with sitting garbage.    bugAWAY
  • bugAWAY is an all natural, botanical based insect repellent. 
  • Our current customers include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, municipalities, Wildlife Conservation Society, NY City Housing Authority, US Coast Guard and Federal Government via GSA contract. 
What is Lymonessa?
  • Botanical bi-products have been used around the world for over 2000 years to repel insects.
  • Lymonessa was first formulated in 1991 and impregnated into plastic picnic table cloths to repel insects during meals.
  • Its original inventor abandoned the product idea in 1999 due to financial burdens and frustrations with EPA requirements.
  • Late in 1999, we discovered this product and began to refine the formula to enhance its effectiveness.
  • In 2000, after testing with NIPCAM, the University of Georgia, EnviroCon Intl. and others, the conclusion was that Lymonessa (bugAWAY!) did indeed have very strong qualities in repelling insects. It is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, plus it has the desirable “All Natural” claim and is also EPAExempt as Safe.
  • Today in 2004, bugAWAY! (Lymonessa) is processing this formula into products such as: Trash Bags, Body Sprays, Table Cloths, Body Wipes and Room Fresheners with many more products and ideas on the table.
  • Patent Pending
  The Problem:
  • The Danger of DEET usage is turning consumers off to repellents!
  • West Nile Virus has been in hundreds of articles & television news stories/editorials.
  • The expectation of a major outbreak of West Nile Virus is real and serious.
  • Current products on the market that are non-DEET based (many citronella based) have NOT been proven as effective repellents.
  • The consumer does not have an effective choice to choose from on the current shelves of many retailers.